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New residents in a household must be entered initially by someone with admin privileges. At least one resident with an email address and password is needed for a member household to have access to the member pages. Access is provided only to current members who enter the password and email address currently on record in the database.

Members are responsible for updating the directory record for their household. A link in the member section invites members to update their own record. Non-members and vacant houses are the responsibility of LIA site administrators.

Membership is for the calendar year; however, expiration is set for March 31 of the following year to provide a grace period of three months. When payment is by check or cash, the Treasurer sets the expiration date in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

Payment of annual dues can be done online. The payment page sets the fee for dues; a separate box allows donations beyond dues to be entered. When PayPal notifies the site of the payment, the expiration date is updated and any donation amount is recorded along with the donor household. Cash or check payments received by the Treasurer are recorded similarly.

When a current member pays dues, one year is added to the member’s expiration date. So a member can pay for future years, but only by going through the online payment process more than once.

When a non-member pays dues, the expiration date is set to March 31 in the year following the year of payment. (A new member joining online on December 31 will get only three months of membership.) When a non-member completes payment, a temporary password is emailed to the member with instructions on how to change it to a self-chosen password.

Any active member can get a new password or change his or her password by going to the login page and selecting the link for that purpose.

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