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A Brief* History

In 1899, Lindamoor on the Severn was a plantation in an area known as Porter's Hill. The owner's home was the house now at 1841 Cove Point Road. The plantation was subdivided into its current configuration in 1947.

The first three homes were built at 35, 39 and 51 Carriage Drive. They stood opposite a small orchard where ponies grazed at what is now 44 Carriage Drive. Other homes followed in "Old Lindamoor," the area of Lindamoor Lane, Carriage Drive and Cove Point Road and then in "New Lindamoor," which encompasses Lindamoor Drive, Sleepy Hollow Lane, Sleepy Hollow Road and Cove of Cork Lane. Two homes on Wilson Road are also in Lindamoor.

The original two plats of the Lindamoor subdivision are no longer correct with regard to property boundaries. Some owners bought and divided the empty lot between their properties or merged an adjacent lot into their property. A map showing current properties and their addresses was developed by the Lindamoor Improvement Association (LIA).

Lindamoor is a "water-privileged" community. There are three paths to the Cove of Cork and one to the Severn River along which property owners in Lindamoor are granted a right of way. The primary path leading to the larger community pier is owned by the LIA for the benefit of the community. There is a smaller community pier at the end of the paths leading to the middle of the Cove of Cork. Limited space is available for dinghies and small boats at the piers. Space is allocated by the LIA Director of Marine Affairs. There is also a community mooring field in the Cove.

The entrance to the Cove of Cork must be dredged from time to time to keep it open. The question of who is responsible for dredging the entrance goes back many years. The state owns the property on the other side of the entrance but has refused to make any contribution to the costs of dredging. To add insult to injury, the Highway Administration engineers cavalierly directed drainage from Route 50 into the Cove rather than the equidistant and more capable Severn River. Since 1980, Lindamoor residents, later joined by residents of Acorn Drive, have volunteered funds for dredging the entrance.

* A less brief history of Lindamoor since 1651 is available.